GVoS is the command prompt for GVO (Graphical Vistas Operating System), as well as the name for beginning GVo operating systems. The name GVoS comes from the name Graphical Vista, the name of the company, and Operating System, meaning GVoS. It was then shortened to GVo, for operating system releases (after 1.3).

As An OSEdit

GVoS is the original name for GVo, used in the first 3 versions of the operating system. GVoS, as an OS, used tL (meaning Terminal Line), as the command line (example, MS-DOS), before the development of today's GVoS went in.

GVoS TodayEdit

Now, after the release of GVo 1.3 (GVoS 1.3, 2001/3/24), GVoS was recognized as a form of terminal, because of it's extensive use of boot commands (GVoS required a boot recognition, example: C:\BOOT.PRT.BTF), then was experimented as a terminal line. After it's great success, the letter S was removed in the first technology preview for 2.0 and 2.2, and found successful. It was automated (allowed OS booting without recognition of a boot file [.BTF, .UNIXB, .CMDB, ect.]), implemented into GVoS, renamed GVo, tested, finished and released on 2002/1/1.


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