CDJ Codes are mainly found on the CDJ OS 2800 and the most frequently used code is probably Cs.

Mainly-Used Codes Edit

Listed in aphelbatical order, here is a list of mainly-used codes here.

Abby Edit

Abby stops the system's processes and goes into a serious manouver over the systems' problems. It's not like a virus-checker, but sees if the file or system has problems, not viruses.

After the code for Code Abby has been processed, a manouver over the system's drive for problems occured. In this case, the media player in the computer is corrupt and needs to be fixed.



  manouver restarted

The term "Abby" did not arrive from the name of a girl, but from the term ''Abbigaus'', meaning ''restart and look back into time".

Bernag Edit

Bernag deletes the memory of the system's "Chu-Box". A Chu-Box is like the cookies file.



  changing all irragulations


  initalizing desturction turmoil

would you like to erase your system's chu-box memory

press y for yes and n for no.

y= erasing memory

100 of 100% complete

z= process dumped

process stopped.

The code's name came from the word ''berusa'', meaning "taking away memory of passes".