Ri is a computer programming language similar to C++, except it has a wider usage, making it longer, unfortunately.

Code ExamplesEdit

The following is the basic "Hello World" program, in C++, then in Ri.


   #include <iostream>  
   int main()  
   using namespace std;  
   cout << "Hello world!" << endl;  
   return 0;


   show {init
   textarea/name start; show 
   l1 << "Hello world!" << listop;
   autoclose; no

Ri's UsesEdit

Ri is used for many different things, from server side languages to operating system programming, to even cell phone software.


For example, a line of code used to make a web browser, the programmer leaves his workstation and rests for the night. The next day, after lunch, he decides to go back to programming. BUT HE FORGOT WHAT KIND OF CODE TO PUT IN! That's why comments were included in Ri. This is an example of a simple comment: -*Web browser, put address bar here*-

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