The Truffle language is a client side computer language used to display impossible formats.

Beating The ImpossibleEdit

Truffle, can, like CSS, format web sites and tell how a browser reads it, but, it's extended usages can let it make circles, curves, mixable colors, and more. A code snippet, makes a basic circle without any files, just pure code:

 {start curve, 12px c
 |curve dirc; {7 pulls
 "color: red" create <circle
 pull 3.5 e c=1
 | repeat{
 color blnd evl; 17f red/\17f org

That makes a circle, with the color red fading from the left and turning orange.

Usage For ImagesEdit

Several programmers used Truffle in image studios, to make special shapes, fading colors, and more, without the cost. Truffle has integrated into several programs like Truffle Pallet, TF-PAINT Magic, London-Tokyo TF Design Studio, and others, as well.

Flash IntegrationEdit

A variant of Truffle, Truffle-F, was made to support multiple flash objects in one, as well as simple designs.